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Where alchemy and modern science meet, the sum of their views leads to broad insights into the matter.

Hi, my name is Arne and I am a passionate collector of stones and minerals. It is not only their beauty and texture that enchants me. It is the many aspects that amaze me about our earth. The scientific exploration, whether through geology or mineralogy, as well as the very personal experiences when I hold a stone in my hands or look at it through a microscope, awakens my desire to be able to comprehend the connections completely again and again. In the history of our civilization and far beyond, stones have always been and still are a fundamental part of life. On many exploratory trips, whether to neighbouring quarries, into the mountains or into the countless excavations and mines in Germany, I have tried to satisfy my thirst for research. On this website I would like to share exciting insights with you. Have fun browsing through it - and maybe you are "stoned" like me after reading it.

I'm like all people: I see the world as I would like it to be, and not as it really is.

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Arne Kapfer

In search of answers, I ask many questions. Maybe there's something for you here, too.

This website about the world of my stones is structured according to the following aspects. I offer you information about stones in general or special minerals, which I have studied myself. Among them are physical and chemical properties, but also details, occurrences, origins and cultural-historical significance. You can find out how to further process stones in order to refine them or to supply them to a wide range of value-added chains in the section "Working methods". The entire universe consists of chemical compounds, ice and rocks. However, the way in which our earth has been shaped in such a way as we find it today is very interesting for a broad understanding of minerals. "Earth & Geology" tries to put together an image that contributes to understanding. You can browse my personal blog under "Discovery Tour". My travels through the world of stones.... For questions, suggestions and personal impressions I am always available - write to me. Your Arne Kapfer.

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Stones, their meaning and compositions


How stone turns into beauty

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The origin of the stones & their occurrence


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